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Farm Traceability Solution

Through our partnership with Leftfield Innovation, we have developed a food provenance solution which provides consumer-facing traceability right back to the farm where the ingredients were grown.

Our solution consists of a mobile web-enabled front-end, a secure cloud-based CMS, integration with 3rd-party on-farm software for grower and harvest data, and a secure administration portal.

Food brands are able to present a branded front end for their product, with a unique QR-code relating to a particular batch of product. Ingredient lists allow for linking back to the sources of the ingredients, where consumers are able to view farm profiles and information regarding their location, history and sustainability initiatives.

Our platform also allows for product profiles to contain information regarding how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are being supported, as well as diet suitability (vegan / vegetarian / halal) and allergen information.

As the platform is extensible, we continue to work with more food manufacturers, growers and retailers to expand the product database and prepare for wider market release.

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