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Rethinking Live Sports Engagement

Over the past few months we've been busy working with a 'stealth mode' multinational startup on developing a new way of engaging sports fans in live sport.

Being involved in the earliest stages of developing a new consumer experience is one of our favourite things. We can bring our years of experience in developing platform and mobile technology for consumers in to play, and having robust conversations with a motivated client working in a specialised field is always invigorating.

Over the course of this work we developed many iterations of the client's technology stack using an Agile framework, incorporating cloud infrastructure, user and admin interfaces, game logic and a dynamic mobile solution that could deliver 2D and 3D experiences (including augmented reality) to provide an engaging second-screen experience with various monetisation models.

While (at the client's request) we can't divulge more specific information, we have completed this phase our work and given the client the ability to develop their business opportunities and allow them to negotiate significant contracts with their commercial and sports partners with a real platform now in place.

We hope that some time soon we will be able to make exciting announcements about the next phase!

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