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What we've been up to

It's been an exciting few months since launch, with several client engagements running concurrently, and a real mix of needs.

While it is always a little frustrating not being able to share more details given our confidentiality obligations, here's what we can discuss.

In the Food Industry, we have been developing a detailed strategy relating to a major sustainable foods initiative. This strategy includes working with our client on detailed technology scoping (including blockchain) so we can advise one where technology is relevant to the overall strategy and how this can be part of the overall plan. Given the amazing group of scientists, market experts and partner organisations involved, this is a complex initiative but has come together remarkably fast and with a team that shares a common vision. We are currently working through the capital structures and public / private partnerships, and hope to have some exciting announcements shortly.

In the Sports sector, we have made phenomenal progress in developing a technology strategy for our client, including development methodology and defining their core product architecture. We have also assisted with business and capital strategy, and as a result of success in these areas are now moving into a rapid (Agile) build phase for a core platform, combing cloud and mobile solutions with an intelligence engine. NEURANZ has also assisted the client with some of their own client and partnership discussions, and become an integral part of a great multi-national team.

Meanwhile we have also undertaken broad digital strategy work for Colony, the customer-facing brand of Honeymeisters, owned by 4th-generation Kiwi 'honeymeister' Kris Jansen. Working closely with Kris, we have developed the Colony brand strategy, ensured consistency in customer experience between her multiple retail stores, and developed a comprehensive digital strategy for her international customer base.

Colony digital ecommerce SEO Honeymeisters website

This has included developing a new Colony ecommerce site, SEO activity, social media strategy, and implementing WeChat Pay and Alipay payment solutions in-store. We are currently working on a point-of-sale migration plan, then further integrating the bricks-and-clicks experience, and working on a range of international digital platforms.

Soon we hope to announce more details as we can talk more publicly about our work, and we have some more exciting clients on the horizon.

Please feel free to reach out, and we'll provide more updates when we can.

Andrew Plimmer - Founder

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